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Fairy celebrations - Klára Marková - english version

Fairy celebrations - Klára Marková - english version

680,0 Kč (28,10 EUR)
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cena:680,0 Kč (28,10 EUR)
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A lovely Czech colouring book hides a lot of original handmade illustrations inside which are connected by a thin and glittering thread of a tender story..

The main pictures to be coloured in are just on one side so you can use colour pencils and blend them happily as well as felt tip pens, liners or paints. You don´t have to worry about soaking through on the other side..

There is the main picture on one side and on the other side a small space is left decorated with little lovely drawings  where you can write: With what, When and Who painted the picture.. it also provides enough space for writing a short story or something like a story diary..i.e. What came on your mind while painting and where it "took" you..

Klara´s worlds full of joy and happiness .. full of love.. fairy little dragons, fairy witches and their fairy cats and mouses and my beloved fairy bats, mushroom houses, undersea scenes with mermaids and seahorses, fairy octopus, flower frog and lovely singing snails.. and many many cute sweets and candies.. also christmas gingerbreads with their yummy houses..

  • The book is bound with gold tooling on its front and back cover and spine.
  • The paper is high quality in fine natural tone, creamy.
  • 112 pages including a spread with opening doors.
  • Opening doors to little houses
  • The book size 25 x 21cm (10 x 8.5 inches)
  • Part of every book is also a double faced colour in bookmark and solid and good quality packaging.
  • In English language.
  • PRINTED IN EUROPE (EU) Czech Republic.
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